270_ecommerceWant to sell your products online?

Blue Square Web can build anything from a simple one product “buy now” button, to a complete online store able to manage thousands of products, automated invoicing, integrated shipping solutions, inventory control, flash sales, up-sell and cross-sell promotions.

The following features can be integrated in your website as stand alone solutions or as a package that can scale to your needs.

  • Buy Now button
  • Donate now Button
  • Shopping Cart
  • Payment integration (Accept Credit Card, Paypal or your preferred merchand service).
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory Control
  • Coupons
  • Mobile shopping solutions

We can help you build an online storefront with all the necessary tools to attract and convert clients, provide them a seamless purchasing experience and allow you to grow and scale.


Solutions to sell you services

Save time, get paid in advance and reduce no-shows by integrating an online scheduling solution to your website.


  • Let your customers book and pay online any time that is convenient from them (24/7).
  • Easily control your calendar and open slots according to your needs.
  • Automatically send emails or text reminders of your clients upcoming appointments.

Ask for the best solution for your needs.



Blue Square Web
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