Website Security

Our security and maintenance service ensure that your website functions without costly and disruptive problems.

Blue Square Web provides security and maintenance services that protect your online property against security threats and maintains your website for optimal performance.

We have often been approached by business owners whose websites have issues (slow, strange behavior, defaced or simply gone). Their development agency did not understand that it is their duty to inform their clients that every WordPress website, just like any valued asset your business owns, needs maintenance and protection from threats.

Our website security and maintenance services ensure that your website functions without costly and disruptive problems. We monitor your website daily for vulnerabilities and new feature releases and perform all necessary updates. Our goal is to keep your site running at optimal performance levels.


For a small monthly fee you get:

  • Daily Monitoring – ​365 days/year, no exception.
  • Updates – to eliminate your website’s exposure to attacks.
  • Update Roll-backs –  to assure continuity of service in the event of an update conflict.
  • Free SSL Certificate ​- SSL certificate, installation and renewal (green padlock).
  • Free Hosting – Yes! $0.00 for top quality hosting service.
  • License Fees – to use software to perform the daily monitoring and scheduled backups.
  • Backup protection – no matter what happens, the whole website can be fully restored in a short period of time.
  • Expertise – we follow specialized media (technical blogs and news) for reports on the latest cyber threats discovered and the best way to protect your website.
  • Education – you will learn about good practices and be encouraged to to keep your website secure, which impacts positively on its SEO.
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